Copperhead Goods


b. 1986, HK.


About Me


My name is Dennis Middleton and I am the founder and creator of Copperhead Goods, a small shop located in Southern California specializing in bespoke and uniquely designed furniture and woodwork. Each handcrafted piece is artfully re-purposed from one of the planets greatest sustainable resources, giving that tree a secondary purpose to be used and loved for generations longer. Being that no two trees are the same gives a huge amount of character to every table, chair, cutting board, and bowl that I personally seek out in each and every piece. 

Copperhead is a term that I have created in honor of my late grandfather who was a craftsman, tinkerer, artist, and overall creator and admirer of interesting objects. His curiosity for art sparked my interest and shaped me to become the creative individual that I am. For that reason, I have decided to name my business after him. In every piece that he would make he would inlay a penny, whether it was hidden, or it was highlighted in his design, it was always somewhere as a signature of his work. I have decided to carry on that same tradition as a way to pay homage to the man who inspired me.

I have been woodworking and building furniture since 2012. My style has gravitated towards modern contemporary designs and live edge slabs. I have always thought of furniture as giving a second life to natures resources. I try to express that in my work by showcasing the natural beauty of the wood. Embracing even the flaws that nature has produced.